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1. 可移動式底盤、底網、間格網可防止老鼠、蛇侵入,並取出清洗容易。

2. 特殊設計磨趾棲棍,電鍍時間比外界多出三倍,光亮、溝深且不易生鏽。

3. 專利杯架組全採用SUS#304不鏽鋼材。

4. 接合處為實心穿孔穿線。

5. 鳥籠底腳均附非常滑順之輪子,方便移動鳥籠。

6. 特殊門鎖開關設計 + 安全扣輔助鎖片,二道鎖,不易讓愛鳥飛走。

7. 整體鳥籠不鏽鋼材保證為SUS#304醫療用品等級,絕不拿SUS#204來混淆視聴。


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    1.-Removable chassis, bottom grid, grid prevents the mouse, the snake invasion, and remove the cleaning easier.

    2. special designed grinding toe-dwelling bat, plating three times more times than the outside world, bright and the ditch deep and not easily rust.

    3. patent Cup holder unit made of SUS#304 stainless steel material.

    4. perforated junction as a solid thread.

    5. the birdcage base provided with a very smooth wheels, convenient mobile cage.

    6. Special design + carabiner auxiliary lock door lock switch, two locks, not easy to let bird fly away.

    7. the whole cage stainless steel guarantee for SUS#304 medical supplies, not confuse SUSting04 Ting.

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