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  • Shuang
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    7 年前

    Recent years due to the rapid development of flat panel display industry, the glass substrates and glass scratch-and impact-resistant thinning the increasing demand, the relative also increases the difficulty cutting. The use of traditional chemical tempered glass cutting cutter wheel when the thicker layer of chemical strengthening, the more likely to cause debris, lateral cracks and chipping.

    The purpose of this study was to investigate the toothed wheel type knife cutting chemically strengthened glass, cutting pressure, cutting speed for the central and lateral crack crack of mutual relations. The results of this study that the greater cutting pressure, can produce greater elastic stress field, making the central crack depth expansion deeper; cutting speed, the central crack depth though shallow, but can reduce the lateral edges of cracks and chipping defects such as the chance to make the cut mown glass substrate had a better quality.

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  • 7 年前

    In recent years due to the rapid development of flat panel display industry, scratch-proof glass substrate and glass is becoming increasing demand and impact resistance of thin, has also increased the difficulty of cutting. When using traditional chemical tempered glass cutting wheel cuts, thicker layer of chemically enhanced, easier the resulting detritus, lateral cracking and chipping.The purpose of this study was to explore the cutting wheel with teeth when the chemical tempered glass cutting, cutting pressure, cutting rates for the central relationship between crack and lateral crack. This result was informed that greater the cutting pressure, may have greater elasticity stress field, Central crack depth expand, the more deep, faster cutting, Central crack depth is shallow, but reduces lateral defects such as cracks and edge-chipping of opportunity, finish cutting of glass substrate of better quality.