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急!!我的故事需要翻譯 中翻英! 一篇短文 中翻英 急需

我的故事 像乘坐一台公車 。有起點和終點,卻無法預知沿途的經歷。偶爾可以很從容的欣賞窗外的景色。但卻也有處在擁擠之中的時候。有時我很幸運 一上車就有座位 但有時卻很倒楣。經歷了長長的等待 終於可以座下的時後 才發現 我該下車了

中翻英 中翻英 感謝!!

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  • 7 年前

    我的故事 像乘坐一台公車 。

    This is the story of my life - it has been like riding a bus on a brand new route.


    I know where it starts and where it will end but no ideas over the scenes that I am going to see.


    Once in a while, I went easy and enjoyed the scenic views outside.


    But there were times that I was smushed out of breath.

    有時我很幸運 一上車就有座位 但有時卻很倒楣。

    Sometimes, I could be lucky enough to be seated immediately after boarding while other times, I might not be that lucky at all.

    經歷了長長的等待 終於可以座下的時後 才發現 我該下車了

    It could be the time I am to get off and only then seats were available.

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