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    Please translate the following:


    It has been quite a few work days and my merchandise is still not received! What should we do about it?


    My payment has been cleared and could you track your shipment from your end and tell me what I need to do.


    My post office told me that even the LJ shipment should take 10 days or less.


    It has been more than a month and I still have not received it.


    This order is the birthday gift for my son and he has been greatly disappointed.


    If the item has been lost, please fulfill another shipment.


    Thanks for your help!

    1. 解釋這多感情上的失望是無用的 賣東西的人 賣多了 都沒有感情上的連繫的

    2. 妳只要明白表示你的期望 與 妳會怎做 事最重要的

    3. 除非妳碰到一名惡搞的賣家 他與妳一樣 是希望 把生意搞定

    4. 妳該做的事是:

    A) 要求tracking number

    B) 若在X月X日還沒收到 會止付信用卡

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    But items has over work days for a long time are is not received has, the do does? I money also has payment has, trouble you help I asked you of post office, if lost has the how processing does? asked my post office, even is LJ beginning of package is 10 a work days will sent to, but has has nearly a months has are also is not received, this is I wanted to sent I son of gift, every day full hope is always disappointed, if lost has whether you the fill sent does? urge help, thanks!

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    Didn't receive the package for many working days, what should I do? I already pay the money.

    Please help me to ask your post office, what can I do if it is lost?

    Asked the post office in my country, even the package initialed LJ, it only takes 10 working days and it should arrive, but now it is almost a month and not receive it yet.

    This is the gift I want to give to my son, everyday I full with hope but always get disappointed. if it is lost, will you re-send it? please help. thanks!


    I DID NOT receive the package after almost a month. According to the information from the post office in my country, even "LJ" package only take 10 working days for the shipping.

    Could you ask your post office that what can I do if it is lost?

    I already pay the bill and could you re-send it to me if it is lost?

    The package contents the gift for my son. I wish to receive it everyday, but get nothing but disappointed.

    This is very important for me, and I am truly appreciate your help.



    有些字 我是以"包裹末收到"的角度寫的!


    物品 = 包裹 package


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    樓上果然是大師 ^^

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