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究竟有那些字是 VERB-TO-BE,

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  • 7 年前

    Verb to be-----有 is, am , are , was , were, be, being, been

    Verb to be 在中文有「是」的意思。Verb to be可作連繫動詞(couplar),亦可作非連繫動詞,可作 main verb 亦可作 auxillary verb。Verb to be 有幾種用法:

    1) 現在式 Simple present tense 的用法:

    例句: I am a boy. He is a man. She is a woman. You are a doctor.

    例句: They are students. We are children. (意思是我們是兒童)

    例句: There are 40 chairs in the classroom.

    例句: Is there a God ? (意思是有神嗎?)

    2) 過去式 Simple past tense 的用法:

    例句: I was happy. He was happy. She was happy. You were happy.

    例句: They were sad. We were sad .

    3) 現在進行式 Present Continuous tense:

    例句: I am playing football. ( 附助 playing 顯示正在進行這動作).

    例句: The students are being punished. ( 被動形式+正在進行,表示


    4) 過去進行式 Past Continuous tense:

    例句: He was singing , when his mother entered the room.

    例句: The students were being punished when Miss Chan entered the classroom.

    5) 現在完成式 Present perfect tense:

    例句: You have never been London.

    6) 將來式 Simple future tense:

    例句: I shall be a good singer after being trained.

    ***單數用 is, was, ***雙數用 are, were *** 我( I ) 現在式時用am

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