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承承 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 7 年前


Has Barbara got you all set up?

set up 在此的意思是?

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  • 幻星
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    7 年前


    be all set (for sth/to do sth); be set for sth/to do sth

    be ready or prepared for sth/to do sth 準備好某事[做某事]: Are we all set? 我們都準備好了嗎? * We were all set to go when the telephone rang. 我們都準備好要走時電話鈴響了. * The socialists look set for victory in/set to win the general election. (Oxford Dixtionary)

    2013-08-16 11:39:15 補充:

    因為set sth up

    意思是安排、準備一項活動,所以set up本身就有arrange, prepare的意思

    因此這裡all set 本來是一種口語化的表達方式,加上一個up,我想也有強調的意思。

    所以set sb up就是take care of things referring to an activity.(幫你安排、準備有關一項活動的所有事務。)

    至於set up for後面就是接一項活動

    She set me up for a meeting with her boss.

    **set up 有很多意思所以有上下文可能會更準確。

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  • 7 年前

    擺放或豎起某物 set up a memorial, monument, statue, etc. 豎起紀念物、紀念碑、塑像等

    Police set up road-blocks on routes leading out of the city. 警方在通往城外的路上設置了路障。


    How long will it take to set up the projector? 把這個放映機安放好需要多長時間?


    The government has set up a working party to look into the problem of drug abuse. 政府已成立工作組調查濫用毒品問題。

    A fund will be set up for the dead men's families. 撫恤死難工人家屬的基金會即將建立起來。


    She set up a new world record time in the 100 metres. 她創下了新的百米世界記錄。


    The slump on Wall Street set up a chain reaction in stock markets around the world. 華爾街金融滑坡引起世界股票市場的連鎖反應。


    set up a commotion, din, row, etc. 發出騷亂聲、嘈雜聲、爭吵聲等

    The cats set up a frightful yowling when the dog appeared. 貓看到那條狗就都大聲叫起來。

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