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Interrupt 跟 discourage 的解釋


The government hopes that the charge for trash disposal can __________ people from throwing away usable resources.

(A). interrupt. (B) persuade. (C) force (D) discourage

Interrupt 也有阻止的意思,為什麼不能選(A)呢?

另外一個, away 是用來配合 throwing 嗎?還是.....?

不太懂away 用在這裡的意思

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  • 7 年前

    Interrupt really means stop something from happening. 有中斷阻止的意味,但charge for trash disposal 並不能真的做到中斷阻止。

    反觀 discourage, it means deprive of courage, hope, or confidence. 政府在這是希望藉由隨袋徵收垃圾處理費來降低民眾丟棄可在使用的資源及製造過多不必要的垃圾。 Thus in here "discourage" stands out.

    And about "throwing away," it is a verb phrase that means 丟棄。 It goes hand in hand. Away 這個 preposition 有遠離的意味。

    I recommend that you use a dictionary with both Chinese and English definition, it'll help you understand the different meaning and ways to use it in these two languages.

    Hope this help!

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  • 7 年前


    discourage someone from doing something 阻攔(勸阻)某人做某事

    interrupt someone doing something 打斷某人做某事

    (2)但字典查不到有 interrupt someone from doing something 這種用法,所以答案(A)應該不對。

    (3)如果句子把from去掉,寫成:The government hopes that the charge for trash disposal can interrupt people throwing away usable resources. 文法上應該對,但用「interrupt」這個字眼,總覺得好像政府在跟人民作對。



    參考資料: 我和字典
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  • 7 年前

    the difference between "interrupt" and "discourage" is:

    "interrupt" can actually stop an on-going event;

    "discourage" can only HOPE to have a stop.

    2013-08-16 06:57:40 補充:

    In your questioned sentence, government cannot make a stop, but just to hope for a stop, whether it can actually stop is up to the people. Hence, you shall choose "discourage".

    2013-08-16 06:58:33 補充:

    "throw away" is a phrase, it means "扔掉"

    2013-08-16 08:09:16 補充:

    "discourage" doesn't have "降低" meaning, but more of "dissuade" (勸阻), or "deter" (使斷念).

    2013-08-16 08:12:56 補充:

    Don't use Chinese to learn English, for example, for 旅行, in English, you can have

    travel, trip, tour, journey, voyage, ...

    Then tell me the difference among them.

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