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小豌豆 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 7 年前

How's the weather?

'How's the weather?' vs 'What's the weather like?'


This question is about the difference, if any, between 'how's the weather?' and 'what's the weather like?'

In a book that I came across, the question 'what's the weather like?' is answered with the following:

It's sunny/hazy/foggy/clear/smoggy/windy/humid/muggy/raining/drizzling/snowing

and the question

'how's the weather?' is answered with the following:

It's warm/cool/cold/freezing

I want to ask if this is correct. I have seen some discussion on another site where someone tried to distinguish between 'how's your boss' and 'what's your boss like', but that does not seem to apply in case of weather.

Actually, both the questions ('how's the weather' and 'what's the weather like') mean the same to me, and I answer 'it's hot/warm' or 'it's raining' depending upon how it is here. Is this wrong?

Thank you

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  • 7 年前

    What's the weather like today?

    Is the temperature and other conditions such as sun,rain,and wind:-The weather turned bitterly coldThe answer includes:-sunny hazy,clear; rainy,foggy,smoggy,drizzling, humid,muggy; windy,snowing.

    How is the weather is a simple collocations with good/nice/lovely/---bad/---hot,warm/---cold,cool/----fine/sunny/fair/dry/wet/rainy/windy/stormy have good/bad/ weather/---Phrase weather permitting=The ship set sail, weather permitting.-----eg:-Freezing=It's freezing (outside) below freezing point;Do you think it'll freeze tonight? Feeling cold, I nearly froze to death.

    Hope that will help.

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  • Louis
    Lv 7
    7 年前

    How's the weather? = What's the weather like?

    但How is your boss?除了=How is your boss like?外,也可以是一句問安語,問候完你之後,再問候一下你的老板,因為我也認識他。

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  • 幻星
    Lv 5
    7 年前

    Both means the same to me.

    However, "how" does mean more general to me, I will answer with different response,such as it's good, bad, warm, hot, rainy.

    And with "', I will answer with actual features of the weather, such as rainy, windy, pouring rain..

    2013-08-21 18:15:48 補充:

    I also search for this, i saw a foreigner thought "how's the weather" sounds that non-native speakers would use, and "what's the weather like" sounds more of their common usage.

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