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English name from France


My friend(a pretty girl) wants to get an English name originating from France. Can you show me a list?

It will be great if it sounds catchy, unique and especially is not difficult to pronounce

in English. ^^

Thanks a lot for your help!!!

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    1. Angela=Angie=Angelina

    meaning: angel, the one who report news or pass information

    2. Audrey

    meaning: an elitist, the one who is noble, illustrious, or eminent

    I found it originated from Germany in a dictionary, but originated from France on the internet

    3. Belle

    meaning: beautiful, pretty, a vow of God, clever, and noble

    4. Carol=Carroll

    meaning: to sing merrily, a melodious and happy song

    5. Charlotte=Charleen=Lottie=Tottie=Chattie

    meaing: strong and healthy, but feminine

    6. Cherry

    meaning: benevolent, kind, merciful. the ine who is ruddy, rosy, or rubicund like a cherry

    7. Cheryl=Sheryl

    meaning: the one to be cherished

    8. Coral

    meaning: coral, a gift, a colorful stone

    originate from Greece and France

    9. Elaine

    meaning: bright, young deer

    10. Eleanor=Eleanore

    meaning: bright, with harvests, fertile, productive

    11. Fanny=Frances=Francine=Fran=Fannie

    meaning: a person with freedom or liberty

    12. Fay=Faye

    meaning: loyal, faithful, steadfast. little fairy or peri

    13. Harriet=Henrietta

    meaning: housewife

    "Harriet"(=Harry) is also a male's name, but the meaning is quite different. It's war and soldier.

    14. Heloise=Eloise=Louisa=Louise

    meaning: healthiness. famous on the battlefield

    15. Irene

    meaning: peace, goddess of peace

    originate from France and Latin

    16. Jane=Jan=Jeanine=Janie=Gianna= Zane=Janet=Janice=Jean

    meaning: God is merciful. a young girl, a damsel

    originate from France and Hebraic(Hebrew?希伯來)

    19. Jenny

    meaning: a young girl, a damsel

    originate from France and Hebraic(Hebrew?希伯來)

    20. Lorraine=Laraine

    meaning: the one comes from Lorraine Town in France

    21. Marjorie=Margery

    meaning: pearl

    22. Mignon

    meaning: detailed, elegant, and graceful

    23. Natalie

    meaning: the one who was born on Christmas

    24. Odelette

    meaning: sounds like music

    25. Odelia

    meaning: dainty and little, petite

    26. Pandora

    meaning: the first woman in the world

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    sounds catchy是"聽起來會引起注意.動聽易記"的意思

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    27.Renee (meaning:to rise again, regenerate)

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    here's some more

    28.Riva(a person by a river or riverbank)29.Ruby(ruby, red jewel, red gem)

    30.Tess(a bumper crop, a plentiful harvest)31.Tiffany(gauze, gods and spirits)

    32.Tracy(a path in a market)33.Vivien(active, lively, spirited, alive and kicking)

    34.Yvette=Yvonne(a shooter or an archer)

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    謝謝久久喬 大大的支持 ^____^

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    So you want an English name translated into French?