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韓小嫣 發問時間: 娛樂與音樂電影 · 8 年前


新兵正傳裡有兩首歌一首叫..brothers和Recruit's Anthem



1 個解答

  • Ash
    Lv 7
    8 年前

    《brothers》Together we will chiong On and onand onTill the break of dawn Through allthe times we hadWhether they good or bad We havestood together as comradesDay in day out training under the sun Form all walks of lifeWe have bonded as one Thesememories I’ll hold foreverWe’re not just buddies We are aband of brothersOS:Now as a boy in Singapore , we have doneour thingAfter finishing wonder what the future will bring Will we still be close after time passes byOr is really the time when we say goodbye Nobody really knows but as time goesWe all realise what matters is that We were bros at one point in timeWe were all we had Shareeverything from soap breadSome of us will go to SCS And Someof us will go to OCSBut you know it really doesn’t matter who’s the best Cause at the end of the day we represent thesame crestI confess no less this is one of life’s tests Braving through the rain while we serve NSAnd what we gain are moments that will flash as memories That remind us of when were soldiers when wefeel breezeFrom strangers to friends to brothers from buddies Two years of our time can’t what to ORDBut don’t get me wrong when I sing this song Cause this is truly where I belongFrom strangers to friends to brothers from buddies Form ah boys to men can’t wait to ORDBuddies get me wrong when I sing this song That why me are marching singing this songAnd whoever would have thought we would be this close I know the memories and good times we willmiss the mostWent form strangers to friends to brothers from buddies Kena confined in camp together doing guarddutyAndwe know it’s duty but it feels so sian WhenI can’t book out to see my girlfriend

    《Recruit'sAnthem》歌曲動態歌詞分享 請參考