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The bakeryboasts in advertisements that its bread is made with natural ingredients andzero flavoring essences. The city government later fined the firm NT$180,000for deceptive advertising and handed the case over to Taipei prosecutors. Hsieh saidthat even though the bakery promised to give full refunds as well as giftvouchers worth 25 percent of the same amount bought at any branch if customerscan present proof of purchase, there are many customers who already discardedtheir receipts and they will become the real victims of this incident. The government is raising the rates to help the state-runTaipower cope with losses caused by unrealistically low rates that do notreflect operating costs, officials said. Taipower suffered NT$35.2 billion inlosses in the first seven months of this year, bringing its cumulative lossesto NT$228.8 billion. The Central Weather Bureau issued a sea warning yesterdaymorning for Tropical Storm Kong-Rey , which is expected to bring heavy rainacross the island over the next few days. The sea warning forKong-Rey was issued at 11:30 a.m., when the storm was centered some 520kilometers southeast of the southernmost tip of Taiwan. Attending aprestigious college often allows students to get exclusive internships orsummer job opportunities. Attending a less prestigious university, however,isn't necessarily less beneficial for students' future careers. Sometimes lessfamous schools are well-known for offering excellent programs in certainfields, ensuring students get recognition from companies and industries.

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    官方表示:政府將提高利率,以幫助國營的台電公司支付因不敷成本的低利率而造成的損失. 台電在今年年初的七個月就已面臨352億元的虧損,總共累積了2288億的損失



    一個有聲望的大學通常會允許其學生參加專屬實習,或是夏天(暑假??)的工作機會.但一間不太有聲望的大學,不代表其對學生的未來生涯無助. 有時候,那些不怎麼有聲望的學校, 它們所供應的幾個領域的方案卻使它們十分有名,而那些方案則可以保證學生得到公司或工業界的認可


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