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Wendy Kuo, a graduate of National Taipei University of Technology, said that she originally studied at Shih Hsin University for one year and then transferred universities because the school and its curriculum turned out to be very different from what she expected. She majored in English literature at Shih Hsin University before switching to English and linguistics at National Taipei University of Technology.

Although it is often a very difficult thing for young people in senior high schools to do, it is important for students to think beyond college. They must consider whether the path they take is conducive to getting a good job. If they wish to major in a practical subject like accounting or engineering, they should prioritize their major over which university they wish to attend. Rox Leong, a junior at Ming Chuan University, chose his university first and then decided to major in communication management. Although he doesn't regret his choice, he thought about switching majors during his sophomore year because he was not sure whether it would prepare him for a career. After considering the complicated administrative procedures required to do this, he decided to continue studying communication management.

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    畢業於國立台北科大的溫蒂 郭,她說她原本在世新大學讀了一年,她就轉學了,因為世新的課程與她想要的大相逕庭。她在世新主修的是英文系,到國立台北科大後,才轉主修應用英文系。

    雖然對年紀輕輕的高中生來說,是一件相當困難的事,但要學會站在比申請大學更高的觀點來思維,是非常重要的。他們必須考量將來能找到一份好工作的途徑。假如他們希望主修會計、工程等技術方面,他們應該優先考慮主修科系,而非那所大學。就讀銘傳大學三年級的駱克斯 梁,他當初先選擇了大學,才決定主修傳播管理學。雖然他並不後悔,他想在大二時再轉系,因為他不確定他是否準備在傳播業發展。但由於轉系的程序太過繁瑣,他只好決定繼續攻讀傳播管理了。

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