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英文 關於Seem的用法



seem (動詞), 簡單的說分成四種用法:

1. 人+ seem + adj. -->ex. She seemed angry. (她似乎是生氣的。)

2. seem + like + 名詞 -->ex. The bread seems like a stone. (那個麵包看似一塊石頭。)

3. seem + to 原V ; seem not to + 原 V

-->ex1. He seems to be happy. (他似乎很快樂。)

-->ex2. He seems not to be happy. (他似乎不快樂。)

4. It seems that + 子句.

-->ex1. It seems that he is happy. (看樣子似乎他很快樂。)

-->ex2. It seems that he is not happy. (看樣子似乎他不快樂。)

<<※S. seem to +原V = It seems that S. +V.>>



可以把She seemed angry寫成She seems to be angry嗎?



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  • Louis
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    7 年前



    He seems (to be) sick.(to be可省略)

    He seems to have been sick.

    He seems to know everything about it.

    She seemed to be trembling. (接形容詞以外的現在分詞時,通常不省略to be)

    There seems (to be) no need to help him.

    It seems (that) you were lying.

    It seems to me that you are not really interested in learning.

    It seems as if he will be elected.

    用it seems/there seems的方式是比he/she seems的方式委婉自然,因為句首不直接出現新資訊符合the order of familiarity(句裡的訊息結構是由熟悉和己知走向陌生和未知)。

    參考資料: 遠東新世紀英漢辭典
  • 7 年前

    If you translate these sentences into Chinese, they all get translated just about the same. However, their English meanings do have difference:

    2013-09-05 07:20:42 補充:

    1. Meaning: Give a certain impression or

    have a certain outward aspect

    Sentence pattern:

    Something seem(s) Adjective/Noun

    Somebody seem(s) Adjective

    Somebody seem(s) to INFINITIVE

    your examples (1) and (3) bel

    2013-09-05 07:21:05 補充:

    2. Meaning: Seem to be true, probable, or apparent.

    Sentence pattern:

    It seems + that-CLAUSE

    your example (4) belongs to this category.

    2013-09-05 07:21:24 補充:

    3. Meaning: Appear to exist

    Sentence pattern:

    Something seem(s) something

    your example (2) belongs to this category.

    2013-09-05 07:21:40 補充:

    4. Meaning: Appear to one's own mind or opinion

    Sentence pattern:

    Somebody seem(s) to INFINITIVE.

    your example (3) belongs to this category.

    2013-09-05 07:22:58 補充:

    Therefore, your (1) and (3) are very similar, it depends what you want to describe

    However, your (3) and (4) are quite different.

    2013-09-05 07:24:02 補充:

    opinion #002 missing "... (1) and (3) belong to this category"

  • Shuang
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    7 年前

    第一種是: S + V + 補語,第三種是固定的片語句型‧She seems to be angry 意思是:她似乎即將生氣,和 She seemed angry. 她似乎生氣,意思不同‧


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    參考資料: me, me