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thanks to / thanks for

( ) your generous donation, the kids are all happy because they have more new toys now.

請問空格應該填thanks to 或 thanks for

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  • 7 年前

    First, you need to know the difference between "thanks for" and "thanks to"

    "thanks for" means " give thanks to someone or something"

    "thanks to" means " due to (or because of) someone or something".

    Now, which one would you choose? I would choose "thanks to".

    2013-09-07 00:56:10 補充:

    If you want to use Chinese to understand it:

    using "thanks for", 感谢慷慨捐赠, ....

    using "thanks to", 因為慷慨捐赠, 所以 ...

    2013-09-07 01:01:31 補充:

    翻譯成中文, 它似乎並不有什麼區別. 然而, 英語語意告訴你它指出一個原因及其結果. 不是感謝一個原因,而產生其結果.

    2013-09-07 01:02:21 補充:

    不有 ==> 沒有

  • Louis
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    7 年前

    thanks for your generous donation 名詞片語

    thanks to your generous donation 介系詞片語


  • 羅莉
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    7 年前

    thanks to是介系詞片語, 可譯為「幸虧; 多虧」.