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  10月10日這天,很幸運的還可見到藍天白雲,我們興高采烈地來到學校參加慶典活動。哇,真美!遠遠望去,燈籠掛在樹上,就像一個個紅通通的蘋果;掛在上空的彩旗,一條又一條,就像彩虹掛在空中。  慶典開始了,此時一列訓練有素整齊的隊伍經過了舞台前。雄糾糾、氣昂昂的儀隊有著精彩的表演,經過長時間的磨練,站上校慶表演舞台,動作完全到位,表現非常好,沒有出任何錯誤,表演幾乎可以說是完美,就連簡單的拋槍都沒問題,沒有做錯任何一個動作,成為全場焦點,響起瞭如雷的掌聲!



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  • 7 年前

    We seventy anniversary approaching, all the teachers and students are all eagerly look forward to!

    October 10 this day, very lucky you can still see the blue sky, we happily went to school to participate in celebrations. Wow, really beautiful! From afar, lanterns hanging in the trees, like the one bright red apple; hanging over the flags, one and one, just like the rainbow hanging in the air. Celebration began, this time a well-trained team after a neat front of the stage. Valiant, high spirits of the instrument team has wonderful performances, after a long period of training, stand on the anniversary performance stage, the action is fully in place, the performance is very good, not out of any errors, performing almost be said to be perfect, even the simple the throwing guns no problem, have not done any action, become the focus of audience, burst into thunderous applause!

    Teachers and students cheering, jumping, the entire campus became a sea of ​​joy. No one does not marvel, no one does not revel in this festive among thick.

    This year's celebration of the end of the event, and we look forward to next year's arrival, I believe students will be more outstanding achievements, but also for its excellent performances to celebrate.

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  • 7 年前

    US 70 anniversary fast approaching, all teachers and students are all hope! 

      On October 10 this year, but fortunately you can see the blue sky and white clouds, we happily came to the school to attend celebration activities. Wow, that's beautiful!  Afar, lantern hanging on the tree, like red apples; flags hanging from above, one and one, like a Rainbow in the sky. Celebrations began, a trained professional people through the stage before. Manliness, and honor guard with an impressive performance of March, after a long time of training, stand on the Festival stage, the action is fully seated, and doing a very good job, without any errors, performance can be said to be almost perfect, even the simple throw guns are no problem, didn't do any wrong actions, become the focus of audience, the applause sounded like thunder!

      Whole school cheered, jumping, the entire campus became a sea of joy. Not one to praise, no not revel in this strong Festival celebrations.

      The celebrations for the end of this year, we look forward to next year, believe that students with better results, better performances to celebrate it.

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