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時態 for until now


until now 的句子, 以及 until 的句子 ~~ 到底要用現在式? 過去式? 還是完成式?

看到一堆句子, 我都搞混. 可以麻煩舉例句說明 ??

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  • Louis
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    She continued to get a salary until the end of March.(現在已經不同了,用過去簡單式)

    I stayed there until he arrived.(兩件過去的事,與現在無關)

    Baker is expected to be here until the end of the week.(從現在開始,到本週結束的狀況,維持不變,用現在簡單式)

    I was employed by a manufacturing company until 1999.(過去的狀況,現在已經不同了,用過去簡單式)

    You'll just have to wait untl they call your name.(從現在開始,到未來的狀況,主句用未來簡單式;附屬子句用現在簡單式,提供主句未來的時間點)

    Up untill now, everything in Katherine's life has been taken care of for her.(時效迄今,用現在完成式)

    Stay on the bus until the big supermarket, then get off and turn left.(祈使句,用現在簡單式)

    She went to Felix's flat at midday and did not cme out until late in the evening.(過去的事實,用過去簡單式)

    They didn't see each other again until the autumn.(過去的事實,用過去簡單式)

    It was not until six o'clock that we got the first reports of trouble.(過去的事實,用過去簡單式)

    Parents are responsible for their children's actions until they are 18.(不變的道理,用現在簡單式)

    2013-09-12 13:15:58 補充:

    Until then I had known nothing about it.到過去某一時間點之前,用過去完成式。

    Until you told me, I had never thought of it.(主句用過去完成,附屬子句用過去簡單式)

    He didn't pay any attention to my warning until he had an accident.(兩件過去的狀況,用過去簡單式)


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