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匿名使用者 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 7 年前

請大家給點意見 以下文字要如何翻譯成英文 會比較通順呢?

請大家給點意見 以下文字要如何翻譯成英文 會比較通順呢?

從小就有很多人建議,應該讓我進入特殊學校就讀,才能得到妥善的照顧,但我的母親認為,應該讓我從小學習如何在一般社會中生活,因此,我從小就一直在一般的學校就讀。雖然在十多年求學過程中遭遇種種困難,但我非常幸運地在每個不同的階段,都能擁有一群關心我的師長和朋友,他們總在我需要幫助時,對我伸出援手,起初,我對於他們給我的關懷,除了感到非常感謝之外,也總覺得不好意思,直到有一天,我的一位朋友告訴我,他很慶幸能夠認識我,因為我使他有機會學習付出,學習用不同的角度看世界,也透過幫助我的過程得到了很大的快樂,朋友的一席話帶給我很大的鼓勵,發現自己的存在原來或許對於別人而言是有正面影響力的, 也因此我開始覺得自己不應該只是單方面接受他人的幫助,也應該適時發揮自身的正面能量去幫助別人。

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  • 呆子
    Lv 7
    7 年前

    I should attend the special training school to get more caring during childhood, but my mother did not think so and sent me to the normal school to learn how to get along with the others. Even though I faced different difficulties over 10 years while staying at school, fortunately I got lot of help from teachers and friends at every learning stage. Thanks for those who give me a hand. I felt a little bit shy in the beginning, but I felt lucky that they told me they could get the chances to take care of me and see the world from a different angle. And they can earn more happiness though helping me. Thanks to everyone for their inspiration. Eventually, I found I have positive influence on the others. The more I take from the others, the more I have to help those who need positive manner.

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  • 7 年前

    From an early age, many people suggested that should get me into special schools, to get the proper care, but my mother thought, should be allowed, I've been learning how to live in society in General, so I've been studying in ordinary schools. While in more than 10 years school process in the suffered various difficult, but I very lucky to in each different of stage, are can has group care I of teachers and friends, they total in I needs help Shi, on I out aid hand, initially, I for they to I of care, except is very thanks zhiwai, also total think embarrassed, until one day, I of one friends told I, he is lucky can awareness I, because I makes he has opportunities learning paid, learning with different of angle see world, Through the process to help me get a lot of joy, my friend's remarks gave me a lot of encouragement, he found himself there maybe for others, it is a positive influence, and I began to feel that they should not merely accept the help of others, we must play to their positive energy to help others.

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