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麻煩會英文的大大,可否幫忙把影片的內容打成英文字幕給我 20

我有個內容都講英文的影片網址, 裡面人物講的是英文,但是字幕卻是中文



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  • 7 年前

    Hi, welcome to my house. Come on in!I'm flight attendant, Grace. I've been with Cathay Pacific for over three years now.Right after I was graduated, I was deciding I thought why not fly while I'm young.So right now, I've gotta get ready, so follow me.Every time I put on my uniform, I'm kind of like I'm play a role, like a whole performance, a whole play. So when you're wearing a uniform, you have to act a part.Now I'm heading on to doing my packing. I already did my packing the night before. That's what I usually do for every flight. Key point is to pack light. And you ready to go.So we are here now at Cathay city. That was around 20 minutes MTR(港鐵) ride, and 5 minutes bus ride from my home to here.Thank you, now we head in. So right here we look for the flight file, today we are taking off cx111 , so we're looking for the flight file, here it is.Now we can head up to the computers. My fiends!! So here I just do my last minute checks to see, for example, my position for the flight. Hello, Good evening, everyone. Welcome to CX111 to Sidney. Before I start, please check your passport details. And Grace filled one. Good attitude is a major fact of room service of this job. Please be friendly, nice to our passengers. When you talk to the passengers, plan our tone of voice, and body language, and using eye contact. Thank you very much, Winnie.So the flight is quite long, so some of the passengers might want to get some rest, too minimize the banging noise because the guest is close to the cabinet, okay? Speak softly and So right here you can't go on with me, because I'm going on a bus. So I'll see you later in plane. The first thing we do is our equipment checks, so make sure we have all the equipment we need for safety purpose and then we start doing ground preparations .

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    太多了 其他後半段的部分我無法放了

    你有需要 請你給個e-mail吧 謝謝

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  • 20點要翻譯這麼多



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