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請問rack things up是什麼意思?

請問rack things up是什麼意思?查一下覺得字典裡沒寫清楚



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  • 8 年前

    rack something up

    1. to obtain a large amount of something (獲得...)

    ex Laura is starting to rack the money up now.

    2. to score a large number of points (得...分)

    ex Even though Miller racked up 28 points, the team still lost.

    3. to wreck or damage something (傷害/毀壞...)

    ex Fred racked his new car up.

    4. to place something onto or into its rack (把...放在架子上)

    ex Please rack up the balls.

    5. to accumulate something; to collect or acquire something.(累積/收集/獲得...)

    ex They all racked a lot of profits up.