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01.Edward and Bella together every minute is full of danger,

and do you support this love absolutely no turning back?

02. How do you think humans and vampires breakthrough extremely difficult

to get together?

03. Do you think the twilight and other vampire movies have any differences?

04. Cullen family don't suck the person blood, they call themselves "vegetarians".

Do you think vampires in films and people’s stereotype is different?

05. Different racial love always have a lot of external obstacles.

In real life, do you think this problem also exist?

06. When you can live forever and what do you live for?

07. Edward and Bella "Romeo and Juliet’s love”,

you're willing to give up all for love ?

08. The Twilight Saga’s author opposed to premarital sex,

Do you approve of her view?

09. Stories of vampire and human’s supreme love ,

what do you think the movie touched spot?

10. Do you think immortal vampires exist?

11. The Vampire supports each other. Do you agree that

"A person is the epitome of family. "?

12. "Humans are so contradictory creatures. ",

what do you think of the sentence?

13. From The Twilight Saga : Twilight to The Breaking Dawn,

what the cover of each episode symbolize?

14. Vampire and werewolf were irreconcilable ethnic groups,

why would finally become friends?

15. Author's new work "Host" stretched out anti-nuclear issues.

Do you support the anti-nuclear?










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    版主,我可以回答您的問題,但我需要您對於01,02,04,06,07, 09, 11, 12, 15用中文表示一下想表達的意思,這樣我能比較精準的回答。


    2013-09-21 20:37:09 補充:


    請先注意兩個要點:(1) 英文中,一個句子一個句子分明的(我覺得比中文還分明),不能兩句不相干的合成一句(如01.) (2) 翻譯軟體僅供最基本的參考,且最好只拿來參考單字,片語以上的東西翻譯軟體多半只會給錯誤訊息。這只能靠長期學習了。以下若有哪裡不懂可以補充發問喔:

    01. Edward and Bella are invariably full of danger every second while they are together. Would you support such reckless love?

    02. How do you think a human and a vampire could counter numerous hardships in order to be together in a relationship?

    03. What do you think is the difference between Twilight and other vampire movies?

    How do you think Twilight is different from other vampire movies?

    04. The members of Cullen family do not suck human blood and thus call themselves "vegetarians." What do you think is the difference between the vampires in this movie and people's stereotype of a vampire?

    05. Love between different races always involves various external obstacles. Do you think this problem also exists in real life?

    06. What would you live for once you are immortal?

    (immortal 意指長生不老,電影內也是用此字)

    07. Edward and Bella's relationship is similar to that of "Romeo and Juliet." Would you be willing to give up everything for love?

    08. The author of The Twilight Saga opposes premarital sex. Do you approve of her view?

    09. This movie is a story of supreme love between a vampire and a human. Where in the movie do you find touching?

    (這裡的第一句您中文或英文皆非完整句子,我按直覺翻成:"這部電影是吸血鬼漢人類愛情至上的故事。" 請留意一下)

    10. Do you think immortal vampires exist?

    11. The vampire families support each other in the movie. Do you agree that "a person is the epitome of his or her family?"


    12. "Humans are such contradictory creatures." What do you think of this statement?

    13. From The Twilight Saga: Twilight to The Breaking Dawn, what does the cover of each episode symbolize?

    14. Vampires and werewolves were irreconcilable ethnic groups. Why would they finally become friends in the movie?

    (後面我是多註明了in the movie, 在電影裡,若您還是覺得不需要可以直接拿掉)

    15. The author's new release, "Host," brings up the anti-nuclear issues. Are you in favor of anti-nuclear?

    參考資料: 從小住加拿大。