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哲瑋 黃 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 7 年前

英文文章翻譯 急!!! 44點 ( 因內容過長發2篇)-2

To be clear, service animals can do wonderful work. Besides guide dogs for the sight-impaired, they can be trained to alert an epileptic when a seizure is imminent or warn of substances that might cause a serious allergic reaction.

"The reality is, there are legitimate service animals, and it is a beautiful thing," said Guldbech. "Service animals have literally saved their owners' lives."

But there are more dogs in stores, markets, and even hospitals than ever before.

"I think it is increasing," said Houghton, "and you would be right to say there is more in San Francisco. It is a very difficult situation for our customers, managers and employees."

Even though Safeway is trying to take a stand by posting its notices, it's unrealistic to think that anyone who falsely portrays Fido as a service animal will be prosecuted.

When people walk into the store with their dog, employees may figure it isn't worth a confrontation. Dog owners can get defensive. Besides, legitimate service animals aren't required to wear a vest or a badge, so you might be challenging someone who really needs assistance.

Guldbech says Animal Care and Control issues service animal medallions with a doctor's note. Why not just require those? After all, handicapped parking placards are common.

But the Department of Justice is adamantly opposed, feeling it stigmatizes the disabled.

At the mayor's office on disability, Susan Mizner is trying to focus on behavior. If dogs are barking, aggressive or not in control, the dog must leave, service animal or not.

Meanwhile, last March, the Department of Justice tried to address the explosion of service animals that included reptiles, rabbits, ferrets, amphibians and rodents. The department excluded all animals except dogs and - believe it or not - miniature horses, which can be used for vision and stability problems.

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  • Shuang
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    “現實情況是,有合法的服務性動物,它是一個美麗的東西”,Guldbech說。 “服務性動物已經從字面上保存他們的業主的生活。”








    同時,去年3月,司法部試圖解決服務類動物,爬行動物,兔,雪貂,兩棲類和囓齒類動物的爆炸。該部門排除了所有動物,但狗 - 相信它或沒有 - 微型馬,可用於視覺和穩定性問題。

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