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    歌名:Everything's gonna be alright

    Everything's gonna be alrightEverything's gonna be alrightWho ever thought the sun will come crashing downMy life in flamesMy tears complete the painWe fear the end, the dark as deep as river bedMy book of life incomplete without you hereAlone I sit and reminisceSometimes I miss your touchYour kiss, your smileAnd meanwhile you know I never cry'Cause inside you know our love will never ever dieEverything's gonna be alright (yeah)Everything's gonna be OK (no doubt)Everything's gonna be alrightTogether we can take this one day at a timeCan you take my breath away (yeah)Can you give him life today? (no doubt)'Cause everything's gonna be OKI'll be your strengthI'll be here when you wake upTake your timeAnd I'll be here when you wake up (ha ha)I never thought my heart will miss a single beatCaress your hand as I watch you while you sleepSo smoothI weep as I search withinTo find a cure to bring you back againAnd the sun will riseOpen up your eyesSuprised just a blinkOf an eyeI try, I try to be positiveYou're a fighter so fightWake up and live

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    歌手: Tata Young

    歌名:Burning Out

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