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請幫忙修改comparison writing

只需做第2題,我選了Shopping styles of males and females,我做了,但感覺好像是不對,我沒有write topic sentences ,是否寫得太多了嗎? 請幫忙修改內容!

Choose two subjects from the list below

Nike and Adidas

Shopping styles of males and females

News coverage on TV and in newspapers

Youth culture East and West

1.Write a topic sentence for each subject (1 comparison, 1 contrast)

Make sure to make meaning.

Do not simply list similarities and differences!

Avoid empty words: different, change, alike…

2.Develop one of your topic sentences into a paragraph focusing on similarities or focusing on differences

Write the paragraph: 100 words

Focus on one supporting idea

Add at least one example into your paragraph


There are many differences between the shopping styles of males and females. Let's see some of the differences!

Males do not like lots of shopping. Before males like to buy something, they usually have thought thoroughly and made comparions of the prices and the functions of a certain thing. Males like to buy things which are practical like cars and are interested in investments like houses. Woman like to go shopping regularly.

Women do lots of shopping. Most of the women do not make thorough planning before they go shopping. When women see things they like, such as beauty products, handbags and shoes, although they may have similar things at home, they still will get them home.



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  • Beth
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    7 年前

    這個練習題是要使用comparison 或 contrast 的寫法, 來寫下一個主題句, 然後由主題句發展出一個段落的文章來支撐你的論點. 題目有寫明重點放在兩者相似或相異之處. 最後舉一個例子.


    1. 男人在買東西之前會先想好要買什麼, 然後到了商店拿了就走. 女人在購物前通常沒有完整的計畫, 到了現場看到東西花比較多的時間選購她要的東西.

    2. 女人喜歡常態性的購物.

    3. 男人喜歡買實用的東西比車子, 房子.

    4. 女人看到喜歡的東西 即使家裡已經有類似的東西, 她們還是會買回家.


    男人在買東西之前會先想好要買什麼, 而女人喜歡到現場看到東西慢慢選.

    Males think before they buy while females buy before they think. Males do not like lots of shopping. They usually have thought thoroughly and made comparisons of the prices before actually shopping. On the contrary, females enjoy the shopping process and spend more time choosing things they like. Women sometimes buy things because of the color or design even though they already have similar things at home.


    2013-09-30 11:49:51 補充:

    從四個主題中挑兩個來寫, 各一百字.

    shopping 這個主題寫一百字. 另一個也是寫一百字.

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