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Recently, we have shown that cocaine induced an increase in oxidative stress markers in the prefrontal cortex and nucleus accumbens both in slices and in vivo, and that this increase was completely abolished by treatment with the antioxidant Tempol.Furthermore, rats treated with Tempol showed attenuation of both development and expression of cocaine psychomotor sensitization

Here we used PC12 cells as an in vitro system to study the molecular mechanism by which antioxidants such as Tempol, can reduce cocaine-induced toxicity through oxidative stress. Therefore,cocaine was used to induce cell death in PC12 cells. Oxidative stress was evaluated by specific fluorescence probes, indicating mitochondrial superoxide radical formation (MitoSox Red©) and peroxide generation (H2DCF-DA©). The antioxidant Tempol, a free radical scavenger and superoxide dismutase mimic compound, was used to identify and establish the contribution of exogenous antioxidant treatment against cocaine-induced cell death and oxidative stress.

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In the present study we utilized the well established PC12 cell line system. PC12 cells, a clonal rat pheochromocytoma cell line, have frequently been used as a model for dopaminergic

neurons and many studies have shown that these cells synthesize dopamine and express dopamine receptors.

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Cocaine has already been demonstrated to interfere with uptake and extracellular dopamine levels in PC12 cells. It was shown that cocaine treatment increased extracellular dopamine accumulation in PC12 cells.

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Moreover, it was also shown that in the presence of cocaine intracellular dopamine levels dedecline. In addition, PC12 cells have been extensively used as a model for studying the survival of neuronal cells and the protective role of antioxidants under different pathological conditions. 麻煩您了 謝謝

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    因此,我們在實驗中將用古柯鹼促使PC12細胞死亡。我們用特定的螢光探針量測粒線體的超氧化自由基生成狀況 (所用儀器為MitoSox Red©),並測量過氧化物的生成量 (所用儀器為H2DCF-DA©),並藉此二指標推算氧化壓力。


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