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歌詞 let me be your bride

let me wear your ring

let me change the way you think of me

offer me the perfume

let me in your room...

麻煩大家 謝謝

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  • 弱水
    Lv 7
    7 年前


    《Artist》:Virgin of the Birds

    《Song Title》:Let Me Be Your Bride


    The kids call it karma

    But the old folks say “Holy Ghost”

    I am on your side, let me be your brideLet me be your bride, let me wear your ring

    Let me change the way you look at things

    Offer me perfumes, let me in your room Sometimes, when I felt like a martyr

    I felt like a virgin again

    Untrained by the ways of the vain, untouched by the burden and thenBecause I was docile to the learning

    And open to the yearning, I fell

    Beneath the tears of these banquet years that we both know so wellFirst you were wounded

    Which made your girls afraid

    Take me on in stride, let me be your brideLet me be your bride, I will spread my wings

    I will cover the feet of the Seraphim

    Come to me in flames, take from me my namePay no heed to your numberless needs

    They will burn away

    Make your peace with your wandering beast, it will burn awayYou delight in the danger you despise

    You insist that your girls keep an air of surprise

    They will burn and fray on our wedding dayThe nameless and tame

    They all believe the same

    Sisters live inside, let me be your brideLet me be your bride, I will dry your tears

    I will keep alive these banquet years

    Every song you sing will be flowering


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