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發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 7 年前





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  • 7 年前

    “suggest” 給別人一般的想法,

    “recommend” 告訴別人確定的選擇或選項是最好的,

    I suggest that you wear a nice suit for tonight's meeting.

    My friend wants to lose weight, so I suggest him to join a health club.

    For your safety, I recommend you to follow the traffic rule.

    The waitress recommends the chocolate ice cream for dessert, because it is the best dessert on the menu.

    2013-10-03 13:38:44 補充:

    There is another word similar to "suggest" and "recommend", that is "advise".

    "advise" and "recommend" are close. However, There is major difference, that is:

    When one recommends something, usually he knows what he recommends well.

    2013-10-03 13:41:23 補充:


    When one advises something, he might NOT knows what he advises well enough.

    This why we use "adviser" in academic field.

    2013-10-03 13:42:35 補充:

    After all, what your adviser suggests, you might know it, you just didn't think of it. On the other hand, the advice might not work at all.

    2013-10-03 14:10:52 補充:

    We use "recommendation letter", because "supposedly", when you recommend someone, you SHALL know this person well.

    2013-10-09 09:04:48 補充:

    Don't feel bad, I don't mind at all.

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  • 7 年前


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