though 的插入句


Tom's artwork , though, extend far beyond child-like stick figures or finger pointing.

請問 though 在此用法的意思為?

前後都有逗點. 好像是插入句. 文法分析是?

詞性是 ?

有其他單字用法可以跟他一樣 ?

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  • Louis
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    7 年前

    though在口語裡,用逗號與本文隔開時,功能在adding a statement or question that seems surprising after the previous statement or that makes the previous statement seem less true.屬副詞性質,是與句子結構無關的插入語。

    如:It' a bit like a crossword puzzle --more complicated, though.

    及 'The Savoy's a very nice hotel.'

    'Isn't it rather expensive, though?'

    The social food is delicious. A word of warning though - avoid the salads.

    The work was hard. I enjoyed it, though.

    通常though是當連接詞用來帶出副詞子句:Though we are only a small country, we have a long and glorious history.

    或:The journey, though difficult, involved no real danger.(省略which was)。

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    typo: It's a bit like a crossword puzzle ....

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    'Nice day.'

    'Yes. Bit cold, though.'

    The strongest argument, though, is economic and not political.


    Michael Swan的<牛津英語用法指南>p.58

    參考資料: Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners
  • 7 年前

    though是用來顯示"對比"的效果 至於對比的地方可能在前句 也可能在本句.


    Teacher gave out 3 times more homework assignments for the summer. Tom, though, finishes them on time. (對比前句)

    Tom is as smart as the others, though, not as rich.(對比本句)