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  • 7 年前

    Last, wanted to told everyone why here will is I of first volunteer, initially of causes is reluctant to and most dear family separated between, so wanted to found a home more near of school attended, second, here is full Taiwan one of school, hopes can in here found themselves future of map, so dang I knows I into take this between school of now, I on began reminded themselves, this four years regardless of how hard how sad, I are must bite tight teeth last down, let themselves not has regrets, So this four years I will went all out of completed all impossible of task, let all once smoked I of people sit up and, here hope everyone are can and I as determines target efforts forward, in University four years good full himself, success of road from this began, because this world Shang no what impossible of thing, unless you are no prepared on wanted to success, so I believe any thing as long as you Ken efforts to work on will has reached of day, let we with go hand in hand play spell himself of future,!

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  • Beth
    Lv 7
    7 年前

    既然你是全台數一數二大學的學生, 我建議你寫英文作文或是講稿不要先寫中文再翻譯成英文, 這樣會搞死你. 試著直接用英文表達出你的意思, 這是需要花時間練習的.

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