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hooki 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 7 年前

writing 80 words

Choose one of the below

Write a descriptive paragraph of about 80 words. Make sure that you…

Make a dominant impression

Create rich, vivid details with strong accurate language

Use clear spatial ordering

1.joyful clown & devil clown


1 個解答

  • 7 年前

    The descriptive paragraph of 80 words:-----(2)24 elements herbal tea+Hot chocolate:-

    ------The 24 elements herbal tea is a hot drink made from dried Herbs and hot water. As a herbal medicine or remedies, it is an unpleasnat flavoured herbs of Parsley,Thyme,Mint,Oregans and other herbs and spices variety from the street vendors.Those herbal24 remedies can be quite effective to cure some Chinese sickness.

    -----Hot milk chocolate is flavoured with milk added to plain chocolate in a hot bottle in boiling state from street vendors.It is made from a hard brown sweet cocoa beans. A mug of drinking chocolate can be manufactured and packed

    and sold into a carton plastic container for young chocoholic lovers as long as they pay the price of two.

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