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    I retired Hou first copies work on contact to business. but also let I on business in marketing of concept Shang has is big of change. may I luck is is good encountered good of competent. told I many in sales process including real became a business original should to has of nature. with capacity. regardless of in engaged in General outside of business marketing personnel. or with phone marketing. actually I are hold with believes. efforts. learning. dare to. modest. not gave up. to has attempts to heart challenge high target of mentality. more can hopes can station in a three win of position. face company face themselves face customer or consumers. are can balance with to of ideas. go business this article route. certainly more hold with each a days Is the beginning of a new frame of mind to face every day in person. it is hoped that it can flourish in this environment can also be found better work environmentOnly wanted to let themselves not paragraph of full themselves. good again work process in the face to has not shun Shi. with to themselves are is positive of ideas. After all Rome not day caused of. business let I has challenge of instinct nature. but he is can let I more see clearly I themselves of work. bravely love select challenge of I. love performances of I. more can bear by faced to of problem. on like life as play. play as life. I has has psychological prepared accept those problem. more can accept problem Shi I has full good self. more see more listening more asked more spent time more effort has will is I business of concept ...

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    #2 Richard...well done!

  • Beth
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    I worked as a sales representative after I retired from the military service. This was my first job and my understanding of being a salesperson was changed thereafter. I was lucky enough to have a good supervisor who showed me the personality and ability which a good salesperson should have. As a salesman or a telemarketer, I kept the mentality of being faithful, hardworking, willing to learn, not afraid to ask, humble, persistent, and ambitious to challenge a higher goal. I wish to take on a win-win-win situation for the company, for the customers, and for me.

    All I want is to gradually enrich my interior so that I can see the brighter side when things do not go our way. After all, Rome was not built in one day. Being a salesperson equips me to face the challenges as well as to see my work more clearly. I am ready to accept challenges. To see more, listen more, ask more, and work more will be my belief as a salesperson.

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