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the friction in the piston system for all engines was reduced substantially through a 50% ring tangential load reduction together with PVC on top ring and new honing specification.

主要是50% ring tangential load reduction together with PVC on top ring這段不懂






但我主要想了解50% ring tangential load reduction <<貌似個零件?

另外positioning wedges也是個疑問

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the complete sentence:

the bedplate alignment with the block is improved with patented "positioning wedges" that lead to improve straightness and roundness of the main bearing.

thank u for ur detailed answer,it's big help:)

and yes, PVC is about coating

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actually,my friend ask me to translate an article from vehicle magazine for him..

but i know nothing about cars,engines,and all the components inside...

so there're too many things that i have to google or come here for help

it's nice of you to answer me that clearly THX again

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    "ring tangential load" is the force that is parallel with combustion chamber wall and ring surface. In a word, tangential load is the frictional force between combustion chamber wall and piston ring. On the contrary, "ring normal load" is the force that perpendicular with the combustion chamber wall and ring surface.

    If you can understand the above saying, then the questioned sentence can be translated as:

    頂環上加上PVC並使用新珩磨規格, 所有發動機(引擎)的活塞系統中的摩擦可以大幅減少50%的環切向負荷.

    You need to give me more info about "positioning wedges", so I can tell you exactly what it means.

    2013-10-09 22:23:03 補充:

    Give me the full sentence that you find the "positioning wedges". If it is just "positioning wedges", then I would understand it as "定位楔"

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    "with PVC", it doesn't say "by coating onto the piston ring" or else. So I just use "加上PVC". As I know, it is by coating.

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    I am specialized in Tribology, but my application is NOT in internal combustion engine. Hence, I can only give you an idea what it means.

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    ...that perpendicular with ... ==> ... that is perpendicular to ...

    2013-10-10 02:24:11 補充:

    Based upon your supplemental question, my translating "positioning wedges" as "定位楔" is correct. it is used to hold the bearing balls in place, so they would not be distorted due to external forces.

  • top ring 活塞環 和PVC配合在一起減少百分之50的切線負載

    positioning wedges 這應該是機件在配合都會有個倒角

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