SJSU 最後申請

想請問 san jose state university 最後申請deadline 是幾號呢? 目前本人考過一次IELTS分數還沒出來(不過都不太會,分數不會很高)。家人有幫我報名補習班,想問現在才開始上課會不會太晚?大概什麼時候需要考完試?以及 san jose state university 入學資料: GPA? IELTS or TOEFL 分數 ? 高中文憑?想進入SJSU往 “ 財經 ” 方向走。 想請問 SJSU 和 USF 都容易進入嗎? 排名 以及 申請 ?

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  • Gary
    Lv 7
    6 年前

    1. San Jose State University does not have an actual deadline (even the website says there is).

    What they will do is all the applications received after the deadline will be in a waitlist status. If a space is available and the applicant is qualified, admission will be offered.

    All freshmen application has a deadline of November 30 of each year.

    2. Not yet. Usually, CSUs (including SJSU) has a policy of accepting late test score reports.

    3. As soon as possible.

    4. Not less than 3.0.

    5. Not less than 75.

    6. High school diploma is a must for all freshmen applications.

    7. SJSU will be easier (as most people choose SFSU and USF instead).

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  • RenRen
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    6 年前

    san jose state university

    Final undergraduate document deadline Postmarked by Tuesday, October 15, 2013

    春季班再三天後 deadline.... 妳大概來不及了~

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