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什麼是Moral Event

請幫忙解釋下段文字中的“segmental moral events“


“Planning and executing seasonal offsite meetings, segmental moral events, monthly all hands meeting and all leadership team meeting in segment."


這段文字是來自 “工作職務敘述“ 所以~我不明白到底這邊的moral event要做什麼?是指舉辦精神上鼓舞的活動之類的嘛?

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    moral events consist of

    moral decisions

    moral feelings

    moral acts

    If you want to know more about it, you can read the book:

    The Structure of the Mind: Outlines of a Philosophical System By Francesco Belfiore

    However, in your sentence, "moral events" refer to spiritual formation events (靈修的活動).

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    Yes, that is one of activities company likes to have. 'Moral events" can have many different kind of activities. It can be as simple as just to have someone to give a speech related to moral.

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    Or it can be an outing to relieve employees' stress and to refresh their spiritual and mental status.

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    Master rjamesho has brought a good point, let me clarify the difference between morale and moral:

    The adjective moral means "ethical" or "virtuous." As a noun moral refers to the lesson or principle taught by a story or event.

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    The noun morale means "spirit" or "attitude."

    Hence, both are possible as your job description:

    moral event = 靈修的活動

    morale event = 鼓舞士氣的活動

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    Here is a good explanation for them:

    "As a noun, moral means 'ethical lesson': Each of Aesop's fables has a clear moral.

    Morale means 'state of mind' or 'spirit': Her morale was lifted by her colleague's good wishes."

    (Random House Webster's Grammar, Usage, and Punctuation. Random House, 2008)

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    應該是 "Morale" events -- “鼓舞士氣的活動” 吧!