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Ceramic Polymer GmbH provides specific coating systems for the complete range of biogas applications: fermentation tanks, stirring units and ensilage vessels as well as bunker silos. Recently, a new product line was developed; special “winter systems”, which can be applied at ambient temperatures down to minus 10°C.

Even after a short operating time, extreme damage to concrete and steel can occur due to the extensive chemical attack of the highly corrosive biomass and biogas. Furthermore, the use of herbal and animal waste material such as pomace, slaughterhouse waste, slop, fat and oil increases the corrosiveness of the substance. Solvent-based coating products cause, for instance, osmotic blistering and the so-called washed out concrete is induced by insufficient acid resistance. Concrete erosions of 1 to 2 cm and extreme corrosion damages on all steel components are measured per year, as Ceramic Polymer reports.

Specific and targeted coating products whereas feature durable value preservation for fermenters, hygienisation tanks and all kinds of component parts of biogas plants. These systems are applied directly onto steel and even concrete substrates without the previous use of a primer. Through several years of intensive research in corporation with an independent institute, Ceramic Polymer GmbH has developed special internal coating systems for biogas plants, which provide a steady long-term protection against biocorrosion induced by SRB-bacteria. The unique mode of operation has been registered for international patent.

The combination of specific fillers and reactive hardener compositions enables the use of the new “winter product series” during dry winter seasons with ambient temperatures down to -10°C.

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  • Beth
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    7 年前

    Ceramic Polymer這家公司提供了特定塗層系統, 可以用在完整的生化氣體(沼氣)應用領域, 比如發酵罐,攪拌器, 和保存綠色飼料的容器以及儲存槽等. 最近他們開發了另一個產線: "冬天系統". 這可以用在零下十度的環境溫度中.

    即使反應時間很短, 生化氣體極強的腐蝕性仍會對水泥和鋼鐵造成很大的匴害. 不只如此, 使用這些植物和動物的廢氣物, 比如果渣, 屠宰場的廢棄物, 廢水..等等, 更加速腐蝕這些材質. 溶劑型塗料的產品因為耐酸性不足, 導致了材質表面起水泡. 就像Ceramic Polymer這家公司所說的, 每年都可以量測到1到2公分的水泥腐蝕或是金屬生鏽.

    號稱耐用的特定塗層系統著重在所有種類生化設備的保存上. 這些塗層系統可以直接塗佈在金屬表面甚至水泥表面上, 不需像之前一樣使用底漆. 經過獨立研究單位數年的仔細研究, Ceramic Polymer這家公司已經開發出一種特殊的內部塗層系統, 應用在生化氣體的設備上, 可以穩定而且長期的保護這些設備, 免於受到由SRB細菌所引發的腐蝕. 這種獨一無二的運作方式已經註冊了國際的專利. 這些特定的填充物和硬化劑組合可以讓新的"冬天系列產品"在零下10度的乾燥冬天使用.

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