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fluctuation 與 undulation有什麼不同

fluctuation 與 undulation都有波動的意思,請問差異在那,如何使用?

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    First, let me give you a sentence by using these two words:

    The fluctuation on membrane undulation is observed in the laboratory.From the above sentence you can see,

    Undulation is to describe the wave movement of the membrane.

    Fluctuation is to describe the variation of this wave movement.

    That is to say, undulation is the actual physical phenomena of wave movement. Fluctuation is for the variation, not exactly the wave movement itself. This is why when we describe the stock market, we use fluctuation, not undulation. After all, there is NO wave movement in stock market, but just the price or the index goes up and down.

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    Master AP, I somewhat agree with your saying. However, you need to consider "white noise" within the wave itself. Then this white noise is the fluctuation we are talking about.

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    I thought AP would give me an idea why it is called "white" noise, not any other color. Knowing this term for n years, I still cannot figure out why uses "white".

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    After all, all noises are not colorless at all :-) ...

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    Besides, AP can get even more technical than melon!

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    Your Highness:

    I have already responded to your mail. In the mail, I told you that they haven’t uploaded the pictures yet.

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    BTW, lin’s question (fluctuation vs. undulation) reminded me of a question I asked years ago. Let me post the link for lin’s to take a look.


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    To me, a major difference is:

    fluctuation has no obvious pattern while undulation has smooth and periodical (wave type of) movement.

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    That is why you say:

    The fluctuation of the markets...

    but not

    the undulation of the markets...

    to suggest it is difficult to observe/predict the pattern of movement.

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    Melon is too technical for me. All noises, to me, are colorless.

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    Then I will just give it to you.

    "White" noise derived the name from "white" light which is the mixture of light waves of the entire visible spectrum at the same power level.

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    White noise is also the mixture of noises of entire spectrum (of your measurement domain) at similar power level.

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    variation還是variety do not suggest "cyclical"ness at all.

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