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  • 6 年前

    Hello everyone,

    I am a female fan from Taiwan, and this is my first letter to you.

    I don't know what is the reason why is Cote is leaving, and I try to get the reason from various of places, but they are only rumors and speculations, and I really don't want to believe any of it.

    My English is being limited, and can only reads a little English and understands a little, and so this letter has being translated by a friend.

    So even fans from the overseas talked about the reason why Cote is leaving, or there is a web talk about why Cote is leaving, either way I don't have the actual reason why Cote is leaving.

    It has being eight years, she can not be replaced for her existing, she is our best actress, and I am sure many fans thought about it also. I love her accesent, expression, and movements, these can not be replaced.

    I don't know why is she leaving is because she is not want to continue the role or some other personal reasons... We just want her back and back to this big family. We don't want any other female character but we just want Cote.

    Eventhought I am still watching the show, but it feels different without her presence, and sighs while I watching the show...

    Because if her role is not dead, we still have a hope and hope she will not die. So if she can't be back, at least we can ask for a perfect conclusion for Tiva, and this would be my tinest wish. And we sincere wish can can be back, or to convince her to come back.

    Sincerely yours,


    A female fan from Taiwan

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  • 6 年前

    Hello , I am from Taiwan's female fans , this is my first letter

    I do not know Cote reasons for leaving , I try to search for reasons in various places .

    But all kinds of speculation with rumors , I do not want to really believe those words .

    My English is very poor, only able to understand a little English, but also only understand a little English , this letter is to ask someone to translate the

    So, although the foreign fans say Cote reasons for leaving or that the video has said Cote reasons for leaving , I have not properly heard the news .

    Eight years , she is irreplaceable existence , she is our best actress , I believe that many fans have felt this way

    I like her accent , facial expressions, movements .. etc. , is really no one can replace.

    I did not know she left because she do not want to continue to play this role Or whatever their own reasons ..

    We just want her to come back , come back to this family, we do not want any new heroine , as long as we Cote

    Although I still watch the show , but without her is wrong, while watching the side shook his head sighing ...

    Did not die because of her role , so everyone hold a hope, we do not want her dead

    If she really can not or do not want to come back , at least let Tiva have a perfect ending , this is the most insignificant desires

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