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于晴 高 發問時間: 藝術與人文歷史 · 7 年前

可以幫我翻成中文嗎 急 謝謝




有辦法幫我大概翻成英文嗎 謝謝

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    AD 942, is the level of public Heuer created the generals, this was built in the south of Asakusa Komagata of the place until the Kamakura period (1192-1333) was removed and rebuilt in the present location. In order to meet building alterations, wind or thunder gods will be placed on both sides of this door.

    With the Senso-ji Temple become a prayer against floods, fires and other natural disasters religious center since the two Zunxiang also gradually become people pray for world peace and harvest crops such desire spiritual sustenance.

    Rayment was in December 1865 was destroyed by fire, and in the age between 95 long disappeared disappeared. Until 1960, Panasonic, Matsushita Electric This is the well known founder Konosuke Matsushita Electric brand sponsorship donations, to be rebuilt and became today's shape. Until today, the door is still in a dignified Ray stalwart attitude, became a landmark Sensoji Temple, and more and thus become a symbol of Asakusa, famous throughout Japan in full.

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