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暗自竊喜 的英文如何說

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*****The thirththird day (at the camp) is my favorite day.Early in the morning,we went to class with sleepiness barely awake (此段用了兩次sleepiness, 可以改別的說法), everyone felt tired, but when (或者 as soon as 比較生動) the teacher came in, our sleepiness all (all 換成suddenly比較生動) disappeared.

And girls who were in our team rejoiced covertly that we sat in the first row. (看不出為什麼要暗自竊喜, 如果是因為老師很帥, 建議前一句改成 when the handsome teacher came in 文意比較清楚 ) So I focused(concentrated) on the class. And I learninged muchquite a lot. (and I learned much. 好像話沒講完, 用 I learned quite a lot 比較順)

Q-暗自竊喜 的英文如何說?

學了很多 的英文怎說呢?

******Although everyone didn’t know each other originally,but we gave care and love to each other. (可以考慮用 one another)

Q-我們給了彼此如同家人的愛和關懷 英文如何翻?

We gave love and care to one another just like a family.

It has been nine months that we don't meethaven't met. But everyone still share recent devolopements and get in touch.

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  • Kevin
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    7 年前

    Then came the third day, my personal favorite. With sleepy eyes we went to class in the early morning, everyone still feeling exhausted until the (gorgeous/attractive/cute/...) teacher showed up, sweeping off all our drowsiness. While the faces of the girls in our team betrayed their covert delight for having taken the front seats, I focused on the class, learning to my heart's content. Strangers as we may have been when first coming to the camp, we wound up like a family, loving and caring about each other.It's been nine months since we last met, yet we've never ceased to hear from each of the members, sharing our recent lives.

    "But what a wretched mésalliance is this!" she commented, with covert delight, taking up the note and glancing over its contents.

  • 羅莉
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    7 年前


    rejoice to oneself

    be pleased inwardly

  • 7 年前

    At the time of pumpkins, "dark chuckles" are scary, particularly those from melons.

    Are pumpkins melons also?

    2013-10-30 07:52:57 補充:

    My delightful comments are no comparison to melon soup, especially in a dark pumpkin night.

  • 7 年前

    I think, "dark chuckle" might be closer to what you want in that sentence.

    2013-10-30 06:11:44 補充:

    a more direct expression is: being secretly delighted.

    2013-10-30 06:22:23 補充:

    Finally, I saw master AP coming to deliver her delightful comment!

    2013-10-30 09:06:10 補充:

    Really! I hope it doesn't have any implication. I had better not go "trick or treat", otherwise, I will be someone's treat.

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  • 7 年前

    暗自竊喜 的英文如何說self-complacent + so smug + self-satisfied .................. 等等都適用

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