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我想請問要怎麼突破 聽不懂英文的困難




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0:08 -0:11 這種輕聲的 怎麼樣都聽不懂



Louis 所以不需要全部聽懂囉?

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  • Beth
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    7 年前

    So there have been a lot of efforts to try and improve depression care within the context of clinical trials. But often (if you even) if you have effective interventions, there's not as much success in figuring out how do we implement those more broadly so that they reach the populations as well as they possibly can. This particular study was trying to take the next step of saying how can we take an effective model for depression care, collaborative care for depression, and scale it up within community settings, particularly for those who don't typically benefit from care or who don't receive any care.

    把上面的句子一直念一直念...念到你的速度跟影片中的一樣, 下次你就會聽的懂了. 小孩子不是都這樣模仿的嗎? 你也可以錄下來你自己念的聲音, 自己聽, 和影片中的比較, 然後慢慢修正.

  • Louis
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    7 年前

    英語有模糊function words和省略或模糊舊資訊的習慣,只有content words的重音節才會大聲又清楚,此外,新的資訊才會大聲又清楚,而且字串會連音,如果想聽得懂,只要注意清楚的單字和語調就可以大概知道意思了,不必刻意去注意對方的句子裡的結構與用字(你不是在聽寫練習)。

  • sammy
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    7 年前


    "Please, find somebody else who can speak English !"

    經過半年的 "耳濡目染" 才慢慢 "真正" 聽懂、模仿老外的說話方式。


    同樣一個英文字,單字的唸法,和在片語中,或在句子中的唸法往往有些差異。例如:to 兔 need to go 逆的夠。聽不到 to 。

    又例如理查的第一句中 lot 辣忒 (忒很輕) a lot of efforts 哦拉斗(上齒碰一下下唇)ㄟ否此。lot 的 t 變成 d, of 的 f 只是一個嘴型動作,沒有聲音。

    提供版主一段 YouTube 影片。主講人 Mike 很有語言天份。雖然是自錄影片,不太有系統,但讓我們對老外講話的方式有新的認知。


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  • 7 年前

    理查, nice job!

    2013-10-31 07:03:44 補充:

    xx! The speaker's spoken English is very clear, and at a moderate speed. Like 理查 suggested, it will help you. The problem you have might be translation! You translate as you listen to it. You fall behind with speaker's speed and get lost with what he says.

    2013-10-31 07:05:03 補充:

    Even though translation is unavoidable, but you shall try NOT to, like you listen to Chinese. Then, you shall be able to go alone with speaker and understand it as is.

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    理查 很用心的解答~