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    John is a painter, while the Mary is a daughter of rich and influential family, they known and fell in love with each other then have sex, but Mary really don't know which one she's love bestt,Jonn or brief obtain liberation of freedom or the body desire's release.

    They were known in a bar, they fixedly met every Friday and fixedly did similar thing, they had no superfluous (unnecessary)talking while they met and only making love.Not very long they separated,as a matter of course,without exchanging any angry words.Jonh and Amy get married, while Amy is his first girlfriend, they are family of equal status, don't bring any pressure.And Mary inherit her family possessions, she runs the business of family well, but Mary from cradle to the grave(all her life alone), without marriage and children.Certainly theJonh and Amy smooth going like the story A .

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    還是要去 品質不錯,老婆很喜歡。


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    John was a painter, and Mary was the daughter of a rich family, they met, fell in love and then have sex, but Mary does not know his love Jonn is short for the freedom or the physical desire for liberation.They met in a bar, they met on Friday fixed, fixed to do the same things, long time ago, they met, there was no topic, just doing that thing. They split up shortly after, nothing exciting apart, without any argument. Jonh got married to Amy, and Amy was his first girlfriend, they are of equal status, not with any pressure. And Mary to take over his family's business life, but his orphans to live without marriage, no children. Jonh and Amy, like the story a smooth.