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Eels 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前

Healthy Lifestyle 6題

壞處: junk food

好處: healthy (蔬菜.水果)

3.keep a healthy lifestyle



6.adequate rest and sleep


2 個解答

  • 8 年前

    The Healthy Life style on 6 topics:-

    (1)We all disapprove the eating of junk food.Junk food is quick and easy to prepare and eat but is thought to be bad for your health. Suppose in the eating of a hamburger-bun is thought to be bad,full of fat.

    (2)Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables are good for our health.We must eat an apple and an orange per day. We must drink fruit juice from the fruit shops.We must eat some fruit after our meals whether dried fruit,first fruit or soft fruit.All the natural things that the Earth produces are good for our health.The green vegetable eg:-cabbage,the root vegetable eg:-carrot are good for us.Plants from our vegetable garden supply us with fruit mineral as well.

    (3)Keep a healthy lifestyle is by eating well and exercising regularlyThe best of health is good for us, so please don't smoke and enjoying life.

    (4)Keep a happy feeling and giving pleasure to others by our happy smile and happy face.when we are happy at celebration, When we are satisfied and willing, the luck and success are happy incidence Happy-go-lucky means we never worry about the future when we have that attitude.

    (5)Keep a balanced diet:-the food that we eat and drink regularly should be a healthy,balanced diet of rice,vegetables meat and fish.We must ask for a dietary advice from doctors for a low-fat,salt-free diet with enough calories.

    (6)Adequate rest and sleep:-We must sleep well by a deeply soundly sleep.We must not sleep late.Get 8 hours sleep every night.A deep sleep makes us feel better after a good night's sleep.Anxiety can be caused by the lack of sleep. So we don't have anxiety any more.Stay healthy and enjoy ourself.

  • 8 年前

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