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are being of service to

If you look after your own needs first, you are being of service to other people, and you will have a stability that will carry you through any storm that life presents. When you are loyal to yourself you are steering your own ship instead of being at the mercy of others.

請問紅色字體那句 you are being of service to other people 是什麼意思?


In fact, before I posted, I have googled the phrase "being of service" and found quite a few sites or pages discussing specially on this phrase. After reading several of them, I believe there should be a certain kind of meaning in this phrase.

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I think "being of service to other people" means "available to others". But in this case, why don't they just say "you are available to others" or any other phrases that you guys given to me earlier.

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Is it because "being of service" is a commonly used phrase to refer certain kind of people or the word "being" has the meaning of "embodying an energetic state" like human being?

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  • 7 年前

    "being" is used to emphasize "on-going"

    "of service" means "of use" or "being useful or helpful".

    you are being of service to other people

    = 你正在服務其他人

    = 你正在對其他人有幫助

    = 你正在幫其他人忙

    2013-11-08 05:19:50 補充:

    It is better to replace "being useful or helpful" with "being ready to help or being useful"

    2013-11-08 12:51:21 補充:

    You might have thought too far. If you remove "being" from the sentence as:

    You are of service to other people.

    it intuitively and simply means "你在服務其他人" or "你在幫其他人忙"

    2013-11-08 12:54:20 補充:

    In the paragraph you have posted, "you are being of service to other people" has " , " to separate it in the paragraph. It means, it is just an added comment (kind of a joke to me). If you remove this added comment, the entire sentence doesn't change its meaning.

    2013-11-08 12:57:43 補充:

    "kind of a joke to me", I mean: that added sentence is kind of playing a joke for entire paragraph. It is like,

    This old man, a grumpy one, is very moody sometimes.

    2013-11-08 13:50:06 補充:

    I shall not use "add in", but a more grammatical term "unrestricted clause". As you know "unrestricted clause" is just a complement.

  • Beth
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    7 年前

    "If you AAA, BBB, and CCC." I don't think BBB is an add-on comment. It should be the main clause showing the consequence if AAA happens. In other words, if AAA happens, BBB happens and C happens as well.

    2013-11-08 13:14:07 補充:

    However, this is not the point of this post. I have got your point: the "being' here is to show the on-going state. It makes sense. But let's see if there are different opinions regarding this.

  • 7 年前

    Being of service to = serving