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    How do you begin working on a new book?

    Where does the book come from? People have been thinking about that for a long time. How do you begin? How do you get into it? I would say that if you're not finding this happen spontaneously, you probably shouldn't be doing this activity. I mean a lot of people say I want to be a writer and you say, what do you want to write? And they say I don't know. So for me, I think it is not a question of sitting around wondering what I'm going to write. It's a question of sitting around wondering which of the ....,observed ideas I am actually going to try to tackle. Sometimes I think I should be a lot safer and less risk-takng and stick to somebody or something a little bit more, a little bit more managable. But those are the things that appealed to me. Unfortunately I wish I had a formula. I wish I had a way of proceeding that would be kind of ... you know, all of this is what chapter one is always like, what chapter two is always like. But it doesn't like. I just have to plunge into it. And it's usually the one that I.. The voice of sanity and reason is telling me not to write. It's usually that one. But I end up writing.

    What is your writing process?

    My absolute opening entry is always an hand-held object with a point on the one end. So certain thing either a pencil or a pen and then it is applied to a flat substances of some kind which is usually a piece of paper but it could be a piece of cardboard if I couldn't find a piece of paper. Or even my arm. That things got really bad. But I think people should carry notebooks with them at all times just for those moments, because there is nothing worse than having that moment and finding that you're unable to set it down except with your knives on your legs or something. You usually don't want to do that. I recommand the paper and pencil or if you must some other styleless writing device that provides a perminant record of

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    I wouldn't be surprised that if you tell me she is a sister of Meryl Streep because the way she talks, the accent, the way she looks and even the way she smiles are just about the same as Meryl Streep. Don't you think so?

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