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A english dialogue

a dialogue between two person who argue about their own beliefs


就是要兩個人 為了他們想信的一件事爭吵




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  • 6 年前

    Professor Hsieh: There is no spirit in the world.

    Lady Gaga: I can see spirits myself.

    Professor Hsieh: That’s only your own imagination.

    Professor Hsieh: Use “deism” as the key word to search on google. You will find a lot of information on this subject matter.

    Professor Hsieh: Even Xuanzang (玄奘) believed there is no spirit in the world. And so did Hu Shih (胡適) and Bodhidharma (達摩). Go to the National Central Library tomorrow to find some classics. You will realize a lot of great masters in China and the western world believed there is no spirit.

    Lady Gaga: OK. I will do so. However, have you ever had helpless moments in your life? Don’t you feel like to rely on certain superpower under certain circumstances?

    Professor Hsieh: No. When a person encounters difficulties in his or her life, he or she should turn to psychologists or philosophies for cure. God created the world. And after that, he let the world function by itself without further interference.

    Lady Gaga: You said Xuanzang (玄奘) believed there is no spirit. But why do Buddhists talk about “reincarnation” all the time?

    Professor Hsieh: Buddhism didn’t talk about “afterlife” in the beginning. But after Song Dynasty, Buddhism became complicated and started diverging from its original essence.

    Lady Gaga: If what you just told me is true, I will feel more relieved because life looks simpler in that way.

    Professor Hsieh: Of course! I am a professor. A professor cannot teach false things in the class.

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