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give your opinion to answer!!!

I need to do a persuade speech about get high mark in school.I need some opinion.Please help me to answer the question.

My topic is: persuade classmates to scheduling your time to help yourself stay positive and make revision easier.(I need to talk about how to cause,solve,benefit)

Now, Can you help me to give me opinion answer both question.

schedule learning time is a serious problem affect student study.

1.please tell me how to cause this problem . (i.e This problem is caused we don't___________and _____________)

2.give me an example of student not schedule learning time.

3.How to solve this problem?(give me an example student how to do to solve the problem)

4.why setting a study goals and planning can solve this problem?

5.what are the benefits if student scheduling their time?(in order to get a high mark in exam?)



kkl( 初學者 4 級 )

If no space to answer,can you send e-mail to me?

2.give me an example of student not schedule learning time.=mean give a example student not schedule learning time (eg.forget to do something...(you can write)

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  • 6 年前

    1. The reasons as to why we don't plan out our time correctly for studying are distractions. We have too much distraction around us. Especially now with advanced technology, internet is accessible to almost anyone and with limitless entertainment it provides, it's hard to concentrated on the real important thing as a student. Many students simply cannot discipline themselves or control their action. They cannot balance their lives between fun and work, in my opinion that's the main cause of the problem.

    2. I am not very sure what you meant by that...

    Would an example for that be a student who chooses to play video games a week before a big exam?

    3. This problem has to be solved by correcting a student's habitual action. They can start by setting goals for themselves, maybe just thirty minutes on the first day, then on the second day the studying time can be increased to forty five minutes, they can gradually increase each day until it becomes a habit.

    They may also establish a schedule for themselves if they wish, but it's up to them to follow it or not.

    Parental supports are also very important, for some students, they will never even touch the book unless their parents start showing that they care too. If parents don't care, how can they expect their children to care about it any better than them?

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    4. Setting goals are always beneficial because you can plan out ahead the actions you need to take to achieve that particular goal. Setting goal also ensure your confidence and determination. Planning ahead and planning out a time schedule for studying is a great tip any A student will give you.

    2013-11-18 12:45:05 補充:

    #4 Con't

    You want studying to become a habit so the knowledge can be long term. Cramming the day before the test might work but it's only stored in your short term memory bank.

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  • 6 年前

    ------TOPIC:--Persuade classmates to schedule your time------

    Exposition pattern to explore the arguments for &against the schedule on to stay positive and make revision easier.

    All in ppt&in simple present tense only:-


    To schedule learning time is a serious problem which affects students' study.

    The structural elements containing:-(1)cause,(2)Not schedule,(3)Solve,(4)Benefit and Overall view and the Exposition.

    (1)The cause produces an effect; event makes something happen. Read underlying cause and please don't complain without a positive cause.

    Cause+Issue relate to Exposition+Study.The cause:-If we don't discipline or control=we can't learn&revise=we find HW boring&go to McCafe or movies or video games to distract our attention.

    (2)Forget to do something eg:-buy a book,a lap-top,poor in Maths.,visit Mr.So and So on learning tips to help our education;talk with your father for reasons (xxxxx)

    (3)To solve is to find a soln for an explanation of a way of dealing with it. To correct student's habitual action on laziness(not effort.) setting a goal in time =30 min.--->45 min. until forming a habit should be done.To establish a schedule=planning up and follow be done. Collecting bits of knowledge from book for good cause,eg:-an exam.Can student solve this riddle/crossword clue,as a solver ?

    Parental support=important=if monster parents care about their learning,reading.

    (4)benefit:-Setting a goal=the goal to achieve=planning=planning ahead=plan a time schedule.It ensures confidence+determination.

    Benefit means useful,profitable&helpful.In the long run you receive benefit as a result of scheduling. You've the benefit of the doubt.In the long run who is most likely to benefit from the schedule?You'll have the benefit of a first class education. Studying as a habit=knowledge can be long=term.Craming before the test work=short term memory only.

    In conclusion,I think my talk on Topic:- "Persuade classmate to schedule your time" is successful.Thanks.

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  • 6 年前

    pretty bad write-up for sure - full of Taiwanese logic. For example:

    " persuade classmates to scheduling your time"

    why do your classmates want to schedule my time?

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