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"honor Mazu 拜媽祖",right?

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they know that society to be changing



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    they know that society to be changing == > 這樣不對

    They know that the society is changing. == > 這樣才對

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    Your Highness:

    I think 拜媽祖 = worship Mazu not honor Mazu. Right?


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    No princess needs to take any exam to ENTER the royal college.

    No princess needs to undergo any interview to ENTER the royal company to work.

    ( = No princess needs to undergo any interview to work in the royal company.)

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    公主殿下英明!竟然連台灣特有的「大甲媽祖遶境進香活動」都知道。所以說,繞境活動就是 pilgrimage囉。要是一般像橘子我這種善男信女,自己提著一籃水果到馬祖廟去拜拜,祈求能夠趕快結婚,生出小橘子來,好進入(enter)豬皮學願就讀,那就是worship囉。



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    Honor (動詞):

    He honors his teachers. 他尊敬他的老師。

    Will you honor me with a visit? 可否光臨指教。

    Honor (名詞):

    The general was buried with military honors. 該將軍已軍葬禮安葬。

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    Your Highness,

    What do you think about world peace?

    Do you think religion provides a way for people to ENTER the realm of world peace?

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    Your Highness:

    Regarding chapter 2 of Tao Bible, no, you didn’t ask me to read it. But I have read it just now.

    老子道德經白話解 (第二章 天下皆知美之為美)!FyZ9lEiRGAIYpUfyARd3...

    2013-11-24 12:04:43 補充:

    You are really a philosophical American princess who has ENTERed the realm of Chinese classics (登堂入室). It’s amazing to me!

    As far as answering serious questions is concerned, no, I would rather HONOR – if not WORSHIP – the masters on YK+ by parroting their masterpieces.

    2013-11-24 12:04:53 補充:

    And to express my sincere appreciation, here are my OFFERINGs to my respectful mentors/IDOLS:

    pineapple cakes, Siluo soya sauce (西螺產的醬油), diamonds….

    No SACRIFICEs though. Only OFFERINGs. Because I am a vegetarian.

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    應該是可以啊。我以前時常說"school entrance exams" 可是最近很少去想到了

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    很多媽祖愛吃的 耶穌都不愛 真是煩惱


    沒有念經讚美 只有好吃的 應該是offering吧

    不過若是只固定地點的儀式的話 worship應該是最像吧

    若是要長途跋涉的跟隨朝拜 就要說是pilgrimage (noun and verb)

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    > 又,公主應該不必參加入學考試,就可以進入皇家學院就讀了吧?

    最近赤字過多,很多優惠都取消了。不過申請一下還都沒有問題的。幾天前遇到海利波特,他說他們的豬皮學院 還有空位。妳的小橘仔可以申請試試。

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    一直續問沒相關的問題 又不參加討論 真是沒趣味 等一下若是問我有關世界和平的辦法 那我不就是很煩惱了嗎?

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    Is this a question for the final exam?

    Sure - religions do provide a tool to maintain social order at micro level but actually a destabilizer at macro level. Do you want a 20-pager? Send me $22.

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    Orange dude, your English actually is very good among the posters in YK+ and you also have good problem solving skills. I think you should start answering serious questions. However, doing that may be harmful to your marriage prospects, though.

    2013-11-24 10:40:08 補充:

    As for "world peace" - it is merely a unicorn in human history. Everyone pursuits it but none has ever seen one. Perils are also part of humanity. Without them, we will lose the ability to appreciate lives.

    It is much easier to harvest pees.

    Did I also ask you to read ch 2 of Tao Bible?

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    Hmm, are these ones of those virtual gifts?