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unseemly jitteriness意思

In so doing, Einstein hoped also to resolve the conflict between two competing visions of the universe: the smooth continuum of space-time(平坦時空), where stars and planets reign (支配), as described by his general theory of relativity, and the unseemly(不相配的) jitteriness (神經兮兮) of the submicroscopic quantum world, where particles(粒子) hold sway(擁有影響力 當道).

最後的 unseemly jitteriness 意思超怪

作者的思維也只能說高竿了 = =''@@

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    unseemly jitteriness是在juxtapose前面的smooth continnum.

    jitter本意是指緊張時抽蓄不合理的動作, unseemly jitteriness 則是指沒有規則性

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    unseemly jitteriness意思 版主您好,打擾了◎_◎








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    Apparently there is more than one expert on quantum world on this forum, and I am not one of them XD

    Thanks for the enlightenment D

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  • Beth
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    D stands for DSG. ;-))

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  • D
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    7 年前

    I have arrived, Prisoner.

    smooth continuum of space-time(時空連接平坦): This means, in math terms, the passing of time as it relates to space is continuous. It is smooth like a sine wave. This does not imply macro view of space time relationship.

    unseemly jitteriness (突上突下) of the submicroscopic quantum world: This is a view of quantum mechanics where space time relationship is sudden jumps (jitteriness) like step functions. He is just using layman's language. In math terms he would have said discontinuity or discrete.

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  • 7 年前

    Where art thou, Melon dude? An expert on quantum world is needed here.

    2013-11-26 21:14:29 補充:

    Melon dude has disappeared for a while, probably, in fear of being smashed. Fear not, my melon, Halloween has passed and Thanksgiving is the time for your glory...

    Melon is a friend on mine; D is no melon that I just ate a piece of it.

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