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Aboriginal Cherry Blossom Festival


Bicycle Free tour & Firefly Appreciation


10,000 People Sun Moon Lake Traverse


Thao Harvest Festival




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  • 7 年前

    ---Error and correction on the English Translation:-

    There are plenty festival celebrations around the scenic spots of Sun Moon Lake ,eg:-the Aboriginal Cherry Blossom Festival.

    The Bicycle Free Tour and Firefly Appreciation Festival means cycling along the getaway roads and enjoy the Firefly illuminating season.

    The 10,000 people Sun Moon Lake Traverse means a massive swimming gala across the Sun Moon Lake.

    Thao Harvest Festival means the International daylight music +electric light lantern music carnival !

    The Annual swimming gala across the Sun Moon Lake is one of the most historic and large scale activity. Since the year 1983,around the Mid Autumn festival, the TW and overseas swimmers have gathered at the Sun Moon Lake at the Dawn+Mist Harbour to participate in this swimming-gala event.

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  • 7 年前


    Apart from Sun Moon Lake has many ornamental attractions there are many festivals, like tribes, cycling getaway and enjoy the Firefly season of the Sakura Festival, mass swim across Sun Moon Lake, day Diva international musical lantern carnivals ... And so on among other things with an annual yearly swim across Sun Moon Lake activity, Sun Moon Lake is one of the most historic and scale of activity. Starting from 72, both before and after the Mid-Autumn Festival each year, from Taiwan and other parts of the swims, gathered at Sun Moon Lake, the morning mist Terminal, to participate in this event.

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    7 年前

    Way to go TOMING88. Go after them, whoever they are.

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