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有關一個醫療的表演 我想請英文高手幫幫我~
























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    6 年前

    grandson: grandma,how do you got such a long scar on your leg?

    grandma:um......there is an accident occur before you're birth and yet I have to give a gratitude for the doctors and the nurses assistance .Let me tell you about this history......

    (Recall the past experience)

    <On the hospital>

    son:doctor,my mother has undergo the traffic accident .she keeps shouting that she was painful.Did she alright?

    doctor: we help the patient to have a checking on their legs with X-ray and observe that the situation of her leg bone .We will illustrate with you after the result come out.

    nurse:Let' us have a blood pressure test.come on,just relax yourself.

    son's wife: nurse,what happen with her.she look like uncomfortable.

    nurse: doctor is handing will got a illustration soon.please found a relate follow me and carry out the check-in procedure

    son's wife: doctor,what happen to my mother(or you can say husband's mother)?

    doctor: The patient's legs has split out.there are necessary to have a surgery to fixate her bone.that may remain a deeper scar in her legs.If you agree that ,please sigh up on the consent.

    son:OK then,my mum is relying on you.(or please try your hard to rescue my mum)

    (After the surgery)

    doctor : the surgery is successful.There are no big deal after the wound healing.

    son and wife:thank you doctor,thank you

    (back to realize)

    grandma:I feel embarrassing and low-self esteem of the leaving wound of the surgery a while time.but thanks to the assistance that came from nurses and doctors,I started to accept the scar

    grandson:Wow! doctors and nurses are formidable .no only for saving patient life but helping people.I want to be doctor after I am grow up

    2013-11-28 20:44:52 補充:

    the last sentence should change the word "be" into "become"

    2013-11-28 20:54:43 補充:

    change the word "realize" into "reailty"

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    6 年前

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  • 6 年前


    Grandson: how did you get the huge scar on your foot granny?

    Grandma: oh, this happened long before you were born...but thanks to the nurses and doctor, things got better. let granny tell you what happened...



    son: doctor! my mom got into a car accident and she kept on saying that her foot hurts. is she alright?

    doctor: we just took an x-ray to examine her legs and bones to see if they were damaged. i'll notify you after i get the results.

    nurse: let me measure your blood pressure. here, relax.

    grandma's daughter in law: nurse, is my mother doing alright? she looks really sick...

    nurse: the doctor is already helping him. he'll come out later to explain the details. please come to the front desk to complete some registrations.


    grandma's daughter in law: doctor, is my mother doing alright?!

    doctor: she has split leg bones and we have to perform a surgery now. we will use bone screw to set the bone. this may leave a scar on her leg. please sign here if you allow us to perform this surgery.

    son: alright. please help my mother. thank you so much doctor!

    (after the surgery)

    doctor: the surgery went just fine! all you have to do now is to wait for the scar to recover. there aren't any huge risks.

    son and daughter in law: thank you so much!

    (back to reality)

    granny: after the surgery, i felt ashamed and embarrassed of my scar...but thanks to the nurse's and doctor's treatment and comfort, i started to accept the scar as a part of my life...


    grandson: wow! not only do doctors and nurses save people's lives, they also help the patients! i want to become a doctor when i grow up!


    2013-12-01 22:22:44 補充:

    grandma's daughter in law= son's wife

    參考資料: myself
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