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Mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) are multipotent progenitor cells that participate in the structural and functional maintenance of connective tissues under normal homeostasis. They also act as trophic mediators during tissue repair, generating bioactive molecules that help in tissue regeneration following injury. MSCs serve comparable roles in cases of malignancy and are becoming increasingly appreciated as critical components of the tumor microenvironment. MSCs home to developing tumors with great affinity, where they exacerbate cancer cell proliferation, motility, invasion and metastasis, foster angiogenesis, promote tumor desmoplasia and suppress anti-tumor immune responses. These multifaceted roles emerge as a product of reciprocal interactions occurring between MSCs and cancer cells and serve to alter the tumor milieu, setting into motion a dynamic co-evolution of both tumor and stromal tissues that favors tumor progression. Here, we summarize our current knowledge about the involvement of MSCs in cancer pathogenesis and review accumulating evidence that have placed them at the center of the pro-malignant tumor stroma.

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    骨髓間充質幹細胞 (MSCs) 是參與結締組織正常穩態下的結構和功能維護的多能成體祖細胞。他們還充當了營養調解員在組織修復,產生生物活性的分子,説明組織損傷後的再生過程。MSCs 為類似角色服務中的惡性案件和正在變得越來越讚賞作為腫瘤微環境的重要組成部分。MSCs 回家發展有很大的親和力,腫瘤哪裡他們會加劇癌細胞增殖、 動力、 侵襲和轉移,促進血管新生、 促進腫瘤粘連形成和制止抗腫瘤免疫反應。這些多層面的角色作為一種產品的 MSCs 和腫瘤細胞之間發生的相互交互出現,有助於改變腫瘤環境,設置成議案的動態協同進化腫瘤和間質組織有利於腫瘤的形成過程。在這裡,我們總結一下我們目前所知關於 MSCs 參與癌症發病機制和積累它們放置在中心的 pro 惡性腫瘤基質的證據的審查。

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